Secure Inventory Cabinets: Combining Access Control with Inventory Management

Designed to track, protect, and manage your asset materials investment.

digion24 encoder
The Digion24 ID-CABョ, printer cabinet stand with proximity card based access, securely stores ID card production materials (access cards, ribbons, holographic film and laminates) or other valuable and sensitive items such as medical supplies, security inks or toner, or documents. User's access can be limited with standard key locking, or via an integrated electronic proximity access system, featuring RFID technology. A Windows software utility (ID-CABョ) is included to log user's access and record inventory transactions for inventory management and asset tracking.

ID card or document printers can also be secured to the cabinet stand and link to building alarm panel. Illegal access or tampering will trigger audible and silent alarm for higher security control. Track and protect your valuable assets with one of our ID-CABョ cabinets, designed for a variety of applications:

Know WHO is accessing your company's valuable assets, WHAT was used, and WHEN they used it.

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ID-CABョ Model

Ideal Application

Pebble Encoder from DigiOn24 ID-CABョ 100 Compact inventory security cabinet for desktop applications
Pebble Encoder from DigiOn24 ID-CABョ 1000 Inventory security cabinet for mid-sized storage
Pebble Encoder from DigiOn24 ID-CABョ 2000 Inventory security cabinet with large storage capacity
Pebble Encoder from DigiOn24 ID-CABョ 2000 Workstation Stand-alone workstation with integrated large storage capacity

  • Contactless Encoding
  • Contactless Smartcard
  • Field Upgradeable Kits
  • Low Cost Encoder Kits
  • Proximity Encoding
  • Smart Card Encoding
  • Access Control
  • Asset Management
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  • Ribbon Shredding
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  • Zebra Proximity Encoding
  • VDS Proximity Encoding
  • Nisca Proximity Encoding
  • Mifare Encoding
  • Magicard Proximity Encoding
  • HID Encoding
  • Fargo Proximity Encoding
  • Evolis Proximity Encoding
  • DNP Proximity Encoding
  • DIS Proximity Encoding
  • Datacard Proximity Encoding
  • Asset Management
  • Access Control
  • Badges
  • CardExchange Software
  • CardFive Software
  • ID System
  • Inventory Tracking
  • RFID Cards
  • Ribbon Shredding System
  • Secure Inventory
  • Smart Card Encoder

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