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DED Limited (UK) has successfully completed integration of a dual-purpose contactless smart card system that combines secure facilities access control and cashless internal vending for automobile manufacturer (Toyota, UK).

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Using CardExchange software (ExchangeIt24), DED integrated a secure, in-line Mifare card issuance system into an existing vending network of over 100 "cash only" vending machines for hot and cold drinks and snacks, as well as five in-house restaurants. These vending outlets, located in two separate manufacturing facilities, now enable employees to eliminate the need for carrying cash during working hours, using only their company-issued ID card either within their primary facility or when traveling between facilities.

In addition, the contactless Mifare card is also used to control and track access for all entrances and exits throughout both facilities. Access is also controlled for operators of heavy lifting equipment such as trucks and fork lifts to not only ensure security but also to ensure the highest level of safety for the employees.

User benefits from the new system include higher transaction security, less "wait time" for completion of cash transactions, and elimination of manual "swiping" of the old magnetic-stripe ID cards, whose readers are often slow and require frequent cleaning and maintenance.
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DED selected DigiOn24 Mifare encoder with the Zebra P430i for the task because of the products proven reliability. The fast Mifare encoder and high quality printer combination was necessary to issue all of the employee cards quickly. The print/encoding system was connected to CardExchange software for programming and printing Mifare cards. According to Mr. Elliot Davis, DED, the project wouldn't be possible without the software/hardware and Mifare encoding support offered by ExchangeIt24.

DED Contact Information:
Elliot Davis – Sales Manager
ExchangeIt Contact Information:
Marcel Oosterhof – General Manager

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